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ViroWize is a division of Nelco International

Nelco has over a decade’s experience in providing a plethora of products and services to an array of clients in the corporate and industrial sector of South Africa. Our clientele includes Sasol, Visa, Nokia, Danone, Barloworld Logistics to mention a few.

In light of the pandemic, we are all currently facing - Nelco has adapted to meet the pressing needs of the public with the launch of the new Brand, ViroWize.

WiroWize Benefits
Available in sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L Refill, 5L and 25L.
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The Little Guy

Tends to find its home in, school bags and pockets. The pocket-sized 30ml sanitizer with atomizer nozzle and its portable size, makes it the perfect companion for your all day use.


The Inbetweener

Not quite big enough to be desk-bound, too big to take with you on your morning jog, but great to stash in your car’s glovebox, handbag or office drawer. The ViroWize 50ml sanitizer with atomizer nozzle is the perfect inbetweener.


The Office Clerk

Any surface, anytime, anywhere. Keeps the workplace safe and clean. Place at reception, your office desk or in the boardroom. The ViroWize 500ml with Trigger Nozzle is the ideal office companion.


The Housekeeper

This housekeeper works all day, all night and never takes a day off. Be it the Kitchen, the Garage or the Bedroom, the ViroWize 1 litre with Trigger Nozzle is your Home’s first choice in Viral defense.


The Replenisher

Never throw away an empty Sanitizer bottle again. With a specially designed flip cap, you can now refill all your previously bought sanitizer, without spilling. The ViroWize 2L refill is your ideal top-up solution.


The Makulu Boss

Ever heard the saying Bigger is Better? Well, The Makulu Boss certainly thinks so. You’ll find it around forklifts, trucks and conveyor belts. Ideal for industrial environments, such as workshops, warehouses and mines.

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